Fishman System Belt

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11 cm high thick cushion to reduce the burden on the lower back.
A large landing net can be installed by arranging many D-cans and using the D-can beside the front stopper.

A system belt that can be replaced at any position so that anglers can easily use the bag they need.
(Wearing example image ③)

The height of the part that hits the waist is 11 cm, and the thickness of 1 cm also plays a role in reducing the burden on the waist.

Attachments such as pouches can be attached by arranging mall tape.
Equipped with 8 D-rings, it is possible to attach eggplant hooks and carabiners according to the angler's purpose.

A large landing net can also be installed by using the D-can beside the front stopper.

  • Color: Red Khaki, Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Width 78 cm x Height 11 cm Cushion thickness 1 cm Maximum belt length 128 cm