Fishman Fish Grip Holder (for system belt)

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A fish grip holder that can be attached to a movable system belt and game vest.
The taper design is compatible with commonly used fish grips, large and small size fish grips from Studio Ocean Mark, and 15 to 30 pound specials from Boga grips.
Tighten the rubber on the top for a better hold.


Compatible with commonly used fish grips such as large and small sizes of Studio Ocean Mark and 15-30 pound special mouth of Boga Grip.
It does not slow down landing and does not miss memorial fish.
Can be attached to a system belt (sold separately) . (Wearing example ⑥)

It can be firmly fixed with mall tape.
It has double-sided Velcro and anti-slip properties for excellent hold.

It can also be attached to the game vest (sold separately) .

The color is two colors of enji khaki and black

  • Color: Enji Khaki, Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Width 6cm x Height 22cm