Finetail Trekking & Travel Glass Model

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A pack rod appears in the NEW fine tail glass model .

A 5-piece pack rod including a switch-style 6-inch optional bat is now available on the fine tail stream glass model. By removing the optional bat, the length changes by 6 inches. You can enjoy two lengths with one. By making the optional butt carbon, the blanks are finished with better shedding.

Model full length (ft) Switch style
total length (ft)
Quantity (pcs) Lure (g) line (lb) PE line (No.) action
FTG-B46/505UL 4'6” 5'0” 5 1-8 2-6 0.3-0.8 RF

Action R: Regular RF: Regular Fast F: Fast EX.F: EX.Fast RS: Regular Slow)

NEW FTG-B46/505UL In open areas, use a 5-foot rod to attack and fish across the stream. In the upper reaches and tributaries where the river conditions change, remove the carbon optional bat and switch to 4 feet 6 inches for easy handling. It follows the pull of the fish firmly, so it is safe even for unexpected large fish. You will surely fall in love with the usability of the glass blanks, where you can easily perform high-precision pin-spot casting and enjoy the tactics with the fish.


switch style

By removing the optional bat, the length changes by 6 inches.

blank design

The main material is lightweight and flexible [UD glass]. By making the optional bat carbon, it eliminates the weight and dullness at full length.

guide concept

K series guide setting with lightweight new SIC [SIC-S] ring. Guides for high performance rings and light and reliable frames.

grip design

The original wood reel seat is adopted for the grip design that emphasizes operability. Not only the appearance but also the ease of gripping is a feature of the fine tail.