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F1220 L-Bass Flat Crank 55F

F1220 L-Bass Flat Crank 55F

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model number size weight ring size hook size Flying distance range type
F1220- 55mm 11g #3 #6 30m 1.2m floating


Flat side crankbait for mid-range strategy!!

  • Switch
    on the finicky bus that suspends with flat body + roll action flickering effect and rattle sound!!
  • The coffin lip design has high snag avoidance performance and
    allows you to aggressively attack around the cover!!
  • With a stable flight posture, pinpoint casts to the cover area are also possible!!



  • diamond lens finish

    International Patent


    The "lens finish" inside the body spreads the shine over a wide area!! Induces a reaction bite!
    The built-in polyhedral lens shape expresses the scales of the fish, while also realistically reproducing the complex color changes of the baitfish. When swimming, it reflects diffusely and appeals to bass!!


  • irregular action

    By purposely adding weight to the lens part, it is easier to produce irregular actions and induce reaction bites.

  • Fixed center of gravity specification with good response

    Since it swims faster after landing than the model that moves the center of gravity, it is possible to attack tight situations such as structures and overhangs without wasting any waste.

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