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F1 Jig

F1 Jig

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Follow-up performance to high-speed action, which is the most important for casting jigs. By specially designing for horizontal movement, which is completely different from the vertical jig aiming at the bottom, the gravity load and pulling direction are completely different, so it exhibits stable mobility even during high-speed movement. The body balance is designed to be slightly asymmetrical to make it easier to trigger the action, wobbling like a minnow when retrieving, and stabilizing the dirt combination to the left and right by twitching and twitching. During the free fall that occurs between actions, it maintains a horizontal posture, enabling high-speed continuous production of lure and bite. A swimming jig that is effective against horizontal attacks such as bonito that chases bait on the surface, nabla game of meji and blue fish from the shore.


Quick Dart

High-speed production of lure and lure

Minnow-like wobbling action for free winding. Continuous short dirt with rhythmic twitch. A high balance body that invites you with a stable action without turning, disturbing, or jumping out.

Level Fall

Excellent horizontal holding

body design

A horizontal fall that glitters during the invitation. At this moment the posture greatly affects the fishing result.

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