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Exsense Counterwake 120F Flash Boost (XM-112W)

Exsense Counterwake 120F Flash Boost (XM-112W)

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120mm 22g Floating

Key features

Jet boost stabilizes flight distance. The shape of the lips and face has been carefully examined.

The difficulty of achieving both action and flight distance.

Conventional wake lures have a body shape that is susceptible to air resistance because they are made to take action while producing undertow waves just below the water surface. Therefore, Counter Wake pursues the best balance by focusing on the lip shape and face design. Although it has a slim silhouette with low air resistance, it is a lure that makes it easy to create undertow waves just below the water surface.

Also, by being equipped with a jet boost, the flight distance is stable even in situations where it is easily affected by wind. In terms of action, the launch after landing on the water is also improved, allowing you to approach points more delicately than ever before.

The lip shape has been carefully examined.

In order to achieve a stable flight distance with a slim silhouette, the important things were the design of the lip that grips water and the face that receives water resistance. In order to achieve both distance and action, Counterwake examines the differences in the lip and face widths on-site to find the best balance.

In addition, by pursuing this point, the performance of range control has also been improved. By fine-tuning the retrieve speed, it can be used to create undertow waves even on the same surface layer, or to let it dive a little, making it easier to handle a wide range of situations. 

Make an appeal while creating undertow just below the water surface. Easy to operate and feel the resistance of the water.

In examining the design of the lip and face, we focused on the usability of the lure so that it is easy to feel the pulling resistance of the lure. It is especially effective in night games where the lure is difficult to see, and makes it easy to feel that the lure is moving even during dead slow retrieves.

Also, since the lure can easily catch changes in the flow, the lure will transmit small changes in the water flow to your hand. It is easier to fine-tune the winding speed, and it is compatible with a wide range of uses, such as drift fishing that utilizes river flow and keeping it in the sand. Even in tough conditions, you can approach sea bass delicately.

A lure that invites you to slow down. Flash boost to increase bite chances.

Counter wake, which involves slow winding and action, maximizes the effect of flash boost. In the drift fishing method, it has a swaying action, but a different rhythm of flashing occurs within the body, which is designed to induce a bite from sea bass. Also, in a rough water with a complicated flow, the lure will naturally have different strengths and weaknesses in its action. The flashing effect continues even when the lure's action weakens, so it is unique in that it always attracts bites.


Active at points with tidal differences. A lure that allows you to delicately trace just below the water surface.

This lure firmly bites the water even with a slight water flow and keeps it in the range just below the water surface. By taking advantage of its performance, you can target sea bass very delicately. In my case, rather than creating an undertow, I often use it with the idea of ​​letting it dive a little and swim just below the water's surface. Among these, we mainly focus on points on tidal flats, where the water depth changes greatly depending on the tidal difference, and points on rivers, where the water depth becomes shallow due to the influence of the tides. I find it very easy to use, especially when the water gets shallower and shallower towards low tide.

This lure easily bites water and has a good action response, so it is also useful when aiming at the bright and dark areas of bridge piers in night games. For a more detailed image, the best chance is when the sea bass hides in the dark and waits for the bait that flows from upstream, which is illuminated by a night light. Therefore, we will drift this lure from the light area to the dark area. It is important to be delicate when pouring the bait, and by pouring the bait slowly and keeping in mind the bait that is easy to catch, it will be easier to bring out the bite. In particular, this lure firmly bites the water with little resistance and takes action just below the water surface, so I felt it was very easy to make delicate lures.

Furthermore, the weakness of the wake type, which is that it is difficult to achieve long distance, has been resolved by the inclusion of jet boost. It's a lure that can be used in a wide range of fields, both day and night, so if you haven't used a wake-type lure yet, you should definitely try it.


Careful lip design

The counter wake lip design reduces the range of movement of the lure, while persistently attracting fish in the same location. In addition, by taking advantage of the design that has good water grip, you can feel the slightest changes in water flow.

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