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Exsence Silent Assassin 99SP Flash Boost (XM-999V)

Exsence Silent Assassin 99SP Flash Boost (XM-999V)

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99mm 16g Suspend

Key features

The Silent Assassin series has accumulated numerous achievements. The compact and easy-to-eat 99mm size is finally equipped with flash boost.

This is not just a reflection plate added to the conventional Silent Assassin 99. When installing Flash Boost, we reviewed the body shape, buoyancy, and strength, and recalculated the optimal balance that does not interfere with the lure's swimming.

It provides stable action not only when winding, but also at fast-flowing points and in undulating waves. Furthermore, even when the lure is stopped after jerking or twitching, the use of vibrating the reflector inside the body to induce bites is unique to Flash Boost. It is highly effective in a variety of situations, from high-pressure day games to capturing lost points in night games.

The last stretch is the point where a valuable fish lurks.

By moving the center of gravity of the lure backwards when casting, a stable flight posture is achieved. This design increases the accuracy of hitting the target spot even when it is difficult to throw the lure in situations such as headwinds. Furthermore, flight distance has been significantly increased by stabilizing the flight attitude. It is now possible to approach points that could not be reached before, and it has a performance that further expands the possibilities of anglers. The body strength has also been revised, allowing for an aggressive approach even in pin spots. It is now possible to approach distant points without increasing the size or weight of the lure to increase the distance. This will be a big advantage especially in situations where the bait is small.

Realistic sparkle that won't make you feel uncomfortable.

A scale boost that reproduces real scales with a realistic hologram. The patterns are divided into three types: N (Natural), A (Appeal), and T (Transparent), and stimulate the predatory instinct of fish in various situations. As for how to use it, use N (Natural), which pursues realism, when capturing pin spots around structures. When you want to search a wide area, use A (Appeal), which generates particularly strong flashing. If you want to create natural flushing in a place where the water is highly transparent, we recommend using T (Transparent). In addition to color rotation, it is now possible to increase the fish hit rate by rotating the flashing pattern.

As a new standard sea bass lure. Angler's potential goes even higher.

The sea bass game these days is getting more and more high pressure every year. Under such circumstances, sea bass lures with various ingenuity have been created, but there have not been many lures that can be used as an all-rounder. This is because the Silent Assassin 99 far exceeds general standards in terms of the basic lure performance of action, flight distance, and operability. Another feature is that it can be used by a wide range of people, from advanced users looking for one in a competitive field to beginners looking to own one for the first time. In addition, it has an easy-to-eat size of 99mm, making it a lure that can be used in all seasons. We have a track record of fishing in any location, including rivers, rocks, tidal flats, and surf, and targeting a variety of fish species such as sea bass, blackfin bass, blackfin sea bass, and flounder. It's a lure that many professional anglers trust, so if you're having trouble, just believe in it and keep throwing until the end. It has become such a highly complete lure.

A more optimal approach to sea bass. A lure that is also good at fine-tuning the range.

Silent Assassin 99 first appeared about 10 years ago, and I was involved in its development. Although it was originally a lure with a good track record, I feel that the evolution of technology has further improved its actual fishing performance. One of them is the flash boost, and in my case I use it to induce reaction bites with quick movements such as twitches and jerks. Immediately after making this sparkle, the flash boost continues to move and appeal to the lure, but I feel that the reactions of the fish that notice and follow the lure are clearly different. If I can get a hit here, I'll continue using it, but in places with high pressure, there are many situations where I can't get a hit. In such cases, try changing the range you are searching in and see how the fish react. Therefore, first try aiming at a slightly shallower range with a floating type, and if no fish bite, try searching for a slightly deeper range with a sinking type. This slight difference is important, and I have experienced many situations where I was able to get a hit by changing the range even at the same point. One way to do this is to try different colors and sizes of lures in situations where you can't catch fish, but you should also try changing the water depth you're aiming for frequently. Since it is a size that is easy to feed, anglers who frequently go to the same fishing spot will find that the fish's reaction changes depending on the tide level and time of day.

Excellent appeal even in vast areas. It's always in the tackle box.

The first time I used a lure called Silent Assassin, I remember being shocked by its distance. Although the name has now changed to Jet Boost, at the time it was equipped with a center of gravity movement system called the AR-C system, and the overwhelming flying distance created by this mechanism was unmatched by any other lure. The stable flight attitude, especially in headwinds, made it possible to approach the target point by casting from a long distance. I remember well that this made it possible to catch sea bass that I had never been able to catch before, and that it became possible to capture points that were thought to be impossible. The good thing about it is that it can be used in any situation, and it's a lure that's always in your tackle box because it's just the right size and easy to catch. It can be used for technical purposes such as drifting to the bright and dark areas of bridge piers, and it is a lure that can search a wide area over a wide range. Depending on the situation, it will also eat green matter, so it is effective against many fish species, which makes it easy to use.

The size is perfect for the bait. It has an overwhelming flight distance that is unlike any other.

I feel that the 99mm size makes it especially easy to use. Depending on the time and location, there are patterns in which they prey on large prey, but I believe that the basic prey size that all sea bass eat is around 10 cm. Therefore, 99mm is the basic size of the small fish that sea bass feed on, and it matches a variety of baits such as sardines, mullet, and young whitefish. Its appeal is its versatility, allowing you to not only quickly search a wide area when fishing for the first time, but also use it to pinpoint a fish at a familiar fishing spot. In addition, the jet boost mechanism installed allows for stable flight distance even in windy conditions. This mechanism helps because it is an essential element when fishing in vast points such as tidal flats. Furthermore, when the weather is not rough, the water in the tidal flats is very clear, and the sea bass tend to be more cautious. Basically, in night games, we use T (Transparent), which is a clear scale boost color, and in day games, we use N (Natural) and A (Appeal), which have a high flashing effect. Furthermore, in addition to stable swimming by just reeling, it can also be lured with strong reaction elements such as jerk and twitch, so I think it is a lure that a wide range of anglers will find easy to use.

A reflective plate glitters inside the Sarashi. The compatibility between the suspend type and flash boost is outstanding.

I used it for blackfin bass fishing on the shore, and it was a lure that could be used for a variety of techniques. I feel that this lure is particularly compatible with situations where the fish are preying on small baits such as yellowtail and sardines. The size of 99mm makes it easy to catch, and it is a lure that can be used on various beaches across the country. It is also effective even in situations where there is little coverage, and the advantage is that it does not put unnecessary pressure on the points. When casting, thanks to the jet boost, you can achieve a stable distance even in strong wind conditions. Furthermore, this lure has been added to the lineup with a suspended type, which is rare among salt water plugs, and can be used by floating in the dry water with its buoyancy that does not float or sink. He is good at approaching blackfin bass to make it look long, and in addition, the flash boost allows the panel to move even when floating, creating a sense of life. Even if the lure's action is stopped, the panel inside will always move and show off, so you can use it to carefully explore one point over time. The number of high-pressure points is increasing year by year, and it is precisely because of the harsh conditions that unparalleled performance shows its true value. It has become such a reliable lure.

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