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Exsence Silent Assassin 80S Flash Boost (XM-280W)

Exsence Silent Assassin 80S Flash Boost (XM-280W)

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80mm 12g Sinking

Key features

This lure is equipped with a jet boost to achieve a stable flight distance. Compact lures tend to be lighter in weight and have a disadvantage of being difficult to fly far, but since the center of gravity moves backwards when casting, the lure stays in a stable position and flies comfortably. This lure is easy to use even for beginners who are not used to casting.

Designed with large flat sides. Designed to enhance flushing effect.

Flash Boost enhances the flashing effect, but in order to install it on a compact body, it was necessary to adjust the balance of buoyancy. Therefore, we designed the shape from scratch and succeeded in installing not only jet boost but also flash boost. At this time, we have carefully designed the horizontal flat surface to be slightly wider to achieve a high flushing effect.

Can handle a wide range of situations. A floating model is also available.

Until now, the 80mm size Silent Assassin only had a sinking type, but a floating type has now been added to the lineup. It is easy to target sea bass that are aware of the surface layer, and is effective even in situations where the bait is small and moving around in a shallow range.

Differences in action design
The major difference from the current Silent Assassin 80S is the action settings. The current Silent Assassin 80S is good at natural invitations with a rolling wobbling action, but the new Silent Assassin 80 Flash Boost has an action design with strong wobbling. Due to the height of the body, it moves violently from side to side and pushes the water, so it is designed to appeal to a wider range of sea bass.

The sharpness of the action has also been improved by finely adjusting the weight balance and making the lip shape ``rounder than the current model.'' In addition, for the sinking type, we have placed a small weight at the base of the lip to ensure a horizontal posture when falling. Both floating and sinking are designed to maximize the effect of flash boost.

Minnows can be used like vibrations. It is easy to attack the middle layer by winding quickly.

As for how I use it, I often use this lure when I want to wind it quickly in the middle layer. It is especially effective in situations where fish eaters are chasing and preying on small sardines, etc., making it easier to create bait that runs away. Also, at this time, I want to use fast winding, so I often use a sinking type that has a heavy weight and easy to stabilize the action.

The floating type is recommended for use when targeting sea bass in night games. If you narrow down the situation further, the floating type is more effective when the current is gentle and you want the lure to appear slowly. This can be used slowly, so I think it will be easier to get a bite by winding it slowly while feeling the lure's action at the tip of the rod. Please enjoy using both types depending on your style and goals.

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