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Exsence Salvage Solid 60ES (XV-260R)

Exsence Salvage Solid 60ES (XV-260R)

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60mm 12g Extra Sinking 70cm/sec

A solid resin body vibration that focuses on starting up in deep areas.

In order to firmly launch from low-speed retrieves even at the end of long casts or in deep areas, we purposely chose a thin resin body instead of the trendy metal plate. By selecting a material with a specific gravity that is lighter than metal, we sought to improve maneuverability and create a good start-up that allows the body to shake even with the slightest input.
The line eye and weight balance have been adjusted in 1mm increments to improve castability, and a keel head design has been adopted to prevent hooks from getting tangled on long casts.

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