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Evoke 2.0

Evoke 2.0

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Rushing forward, cover crank.
This anti-heavy cover crankbait was born from the concept that "it must be a "tool" that increases fishing efficiency." After evading the cover, he did not dare to hit a flutter and immediately got back up, with a high level of straightness, and by repeating numerous trials and errors with the aim of making the pitch of the action as fast as possible, he has exceeded his initial image. It has evolved into a tool. Crankbaits can be used to target bass in narrow strike zones that don't want to leave the pitching approach in narrow waterways where casting is not allowed, small bushes, laydowns, and vegetation, even in spots that were previously thought to be exclusive to jigs and Texas. This crankbait has the potential to change the stage
LENGTH: 65mm


Fluoroline 12-16lb / Nylon line 10-16lb: 3.0m
Fluoroline 20-25lb / Nylon line 20-25lb : 2.6m

Fluoroline 12-16lb / Nylon line 10-16lb : 2.0m
Fluoroline 20-25lb / Nylon line 20-25lb : 1.5m

Fluoroline 12-16lb / Nylon line 10-16lb : 1.8m
Fluoroline 20-25lb / Nylon line 20-25lb : 1.4m

Fluoroline 12-16lb / Nylon line 10-16lb : 1.2m
Fluoroline 20-25lb / Nylon line 20-25lb : 1.0m


By eliminating all unnecessary parts such as partitions, and thoroughly reviewing the body thickness to ensure the widest hollow room possible, the balance between the top and bottom of the body has been set so that it stands up quickly, like a small priest.
With its excellent body balance, it achieves a different dimension of ultra-high pitch action that was thought to be impossible with conventional ABS lures.
In addition, it stands up quickly after avoiding obstacles and firmly grabs water even in narrow cover. Even in distance, which is said to be the biggest weakness of fixed weights, by improving the body shape, air resistance is reduced and stress-free casting is possible.

UV color

UV coloring that reacts to ultraviolet rays clearly increases the reaction from bass.
This color variation was created by Masayuki Matsushita, who competes in the Bassmaster Elite, who experienced the need for UV color.
The intensity and discoloration of UV rays can be adjusted by toning or layering.

*It is irradiated with UV light to make it easier to see changes caused by ultraviolet light.

“ depsUV light ” released on June 20, 2023 .

2.0 and 1.2 sizes will be released on June 20, 2023, and 1.8 sizes will be released on April 2024.


■3.0/2.0/1.8 models: Due to the deeper diving depth, size #2 is adopted for the 3.0 model, size #3 for the 2.0 model, and size #5 for the 1.8 model, assuming that more bites occur when surfacing.

■1.2 model: Improves the ability to avoid getting stuck on obstacles. Considering that bites often occur in the rear, a size #4, which is slightly larger than the front size #6, is adopted for the rear, improving castability due to the rear center of gravity. It has also contributed greatly.

SPLIT RING: 3.0・2.0 #3, 1.8・1.2 #2


The buoyancy balance and center of gravity have been thoroughly refined, and the diving angle that does not hit the structure too hard and the highly buoyant body greatly improve obstacle avoidance ability.
When contacting an obstacle, it suppresses unnecessary flutter and improves straight-line performance, making it possible to trace gaps in the cover that were previously considered impenetrable without stress.


The click sound produced by the split ring and hook, which is created as a by-product of ultra-high pitch action and the hook cannot follow the action speed of the body, is Kenta Kimura's secret factor for catching fish, who is active not only in Lake Biwa but also in many other fields. It is.

*For eye repair, please use crystal eyes
(3.0/Φ6.7mm 2.0/Φ6.0mm 1.8, 1.2/Φ4.8mm). We do not sell eyes with special features not found in crystal eyes, so please use other colors.


Although we carefully check our lures before shipping, we recommend True Tune in order to maximize the lure's performance.
If you want to swim to the left, move the eye to the right, if you want to swim to the right, move the eye to the left.Use pliers, etc., and adjust while checking your condition.

*For eye repair, please use crystal eyes
(Φ4.8mm for 1.2/1.8, Φ6.0mm for 2.0, Φ6.8mm for 3.0). We do not sell eyes with special features not found in crystal eyes, so please use other colors.




Be careful of high temperature

If the product is placed in a high-temperature location such as in a place exposed to direct sunlight, in a car, or in a tackle box while fishing, the air chamber may expand due to the difference in outside temperature, causing damage such as deformation or cracking.
Please be careful when storing the plug, especially as temperatures rise during the summer. Please note that we cannot guarantee damage caused by negligence.

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