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Emeraldas Watermelon Metal Dropper Type E (Egi Type) RV

Emeraldas Watermelon Metal Dropper Type E (Egi Type) RV

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Egi's peculiar horizontal movement appeals to squid, which is difficult to react to metal sticks, and increases the catch!
■ Stable forward leaning posture
It is difficult to balance small egi because they tend to sag due to lack of buoyancy. It is now possible to keep a stable forward leaning posture by special design. The hit probability increases because the squid maintains an easy-to-attack posture.

■ Sharp dirt action
Squid metal that sometimes attacks deep ranges of 50m or more. Even in such a deep range, we pursued a shape to generate a sharp dirt action in response to the angler's invitation. The sharp dirt action appeals even in the dark sea and attracts squid.

■ High-appealing fast-sinking rattle specifications
In situations where there are many highly active squids, using a fast-sinking model that has a fast game often leads to good fishing results. You can expect an increase in fishing results by using it properly with the slow sinking non-rattle specification.
Discerning specifications
■Made in Japan
The planer emphasizes sticking and catches even small squid. Because the material is stainless steel, it is resistant to rust.
■Rattle specifications
Light weight and a built-in glass rattle ball that emits a light sound.
■Emeraldas logo
Emeraldas logo is included in the eyes.
underwater posture
No. 1.8
No. 2.5

In the case of the Obama rig, as you know, set the sutte on the bottom and the egg on the top. The true value of the Obama Rig is to combine the strengths of each into a single rig.

Sutte is mainly in charge of action. It moves briskly by operating the rod, and when it falls, it falls with a stone, and when it stays, it stops in a vertical posture.

Egi, on the other hand, is strong against stays. While waiting and stopping, it drifts gently and fluffy in front of Edas, automatically luring the squid.

It's a contrasting action, but both moves are effective against squid. You can also guess the condition of the squid depending on whether you ride Sutte or Egi.

Now, let's ask Toru Iwaki, the tester, for tips on how to choose each one.

Metal Sutte
"Assuming that the Obama rig is dropped, the metal stte located below the egg will naturally be noticed by the squid first. It can be determined that it is in a highly active state, actively chasing and attacking anything that suddenly appears.In other words, when it hits Metal Sutte, it will eat anything.In that case, you don't have to be so particular about Metal Sutte.

〇Body shape
: “Center balance, left-right symmetry, and an orthodox round cross-section are the basics . Also, the advantage of the orthodox shape is that it is easy to hook the squid no matter what direction you hold it.If it is an asymmetrical shape, the hooking rate may decrease depending on how you hold it.” 〇Materials: Lead

tungsten There are two types, and each has its merits.Tungsten, which has a high specific gravity, can be slender and compact with the same weight, so it can drop smoothly in deep ranges and has good action sharpness.The silhouette of the body is also good. Tungsten is small, so it's strong against carika." "However, with tungsten, the action is sometimes too sharp. On the other hand, lead has a smooth, smooth, natural movement. It's huge. Squid likes that kind of movement.”

〇 Color
“The squid that rides on the Metal Sutte is highly active, so I don’t think you need to worry too much about the color. Bright colors, dark colors, local hit colors, etc. As long as you have a pattern, it's fine."
Normal version: Emerald watermelon metal sutte
Tungsten version: Emerald watermelon metal sutte TG SS

Iwaki testers trust the basic sutte. The standard colors are red/white, red/yellow, and red/green, as well as the new blue head color.
Rig: Obama Rig SS
A device set that can be exchanged with one touch according to the situation. By making the base of the Edas braided, the problem of Egi and Sutte getting entangled in the trunk thread is reduced.
"It's the complete opposite of Metal Sutte, and you need different types of Egi. You'll watch them carefully and hug them when they're staying. With Egi, there's a lot of difference between hits and misses. That's the interesting thing about Obama Rig. I think that you should prepare a lot of types so that the number of colors for the lower Sutte is rotated, and the upper egg is in line with the squid's taste.

, Naturally, it is easy to use.The Emerald Watermelon Metal Dropper Type E was developed to be set in the Obama Rig.When staying, while maintaining a slightly forward-leaning horizontal posture, you can ride the tide and automatically squid. If you use an Egi that isn't for exclusive use, you'll end up with a lot of troubles such as entanglement with the gimmicks.

The color is the last.But you can't ignore it.It's definitely related to the catch.It's also troublesome that there is no theory of color rotation.As the fishing light works and the range of squid rises, the hit color changes. The shallower the range, the more severe the difference in color tends to be.So I think it's good to prepare a lot of egg colors."
Slow sinking & non-rattle: Emerald watermelon metal dropper type E
Fast sinking & rattle: Emerald watermelon metal dropper type E RV
dropper egg dedicated to the catching posture and color. By using slow sinking & non-rattle that is strong against threaded squid and fast sinking & rattle that has high appeal to highly active squid, you can further improve your fishing results.
If you stay for a long time, most of them will attack the egg that drifts and keeps luring you. Because it is such an invitation, the Egi is carefully watched by the squid, so there is a big difference in the catch depending on the color. The standard is red tape and luminous, but I would like to prepare as many colors as possible without being caught by it.
Toru Iwaki
Daiwa field tester and representative of the squid armor maker Anisakis. He is active as an evangelist for Ikametal, who is known for aggressive development. He is also an advocate of squid jigging.
Yukari Mitsuyasu
Nickname is Yukachiri. She is an SFA (Super Fresh Angler) based in Fukuoka. Enjoy a variety of offshore targets including Tai Mule
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