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El Horizonte 70 (2019) EH70

El Horizonte 70 (2019) EH70

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Model El Horizonte 70
Code EH70
Action RF
Length (ft) 70
Folded Length (cm) 130
Rear Grip Length (cm) 32.5
Rod Wt. (G) 219
Mono Line (lb, MAX) 30
PE (#, MAX) 6
Cast Wt. (G) 7-120

2019 renewal. New El Horizonte 70

catch a dream
Expedition style heavy versatile rod

Heavy power regular fast taper

The advantages and disadvantages of a rod with a first taper and a rod with a regular taper are contradictory.
By adopting a taper just in the middle of these, the range of lures that can be used is overwhelmingly increased, making it a straightforward and easy-to-use rod.
However, the expertise for some lure actions will decrease.
So, what about overseas fishing trips where you can change a lot of lures with just a few rods?
Having one rod that can do just about anything except light game and ultra-heavy game fills the void of other highly specialized rods.
By combining it with action-oriented short rods and long rods for ultra-long throws, we promise that lure games on expeditions will be more enjoyable.
Specifically, it is possible to handle a wide range of lures from 9 cm minnows to 4 oz big baits.


Above: 13.2kg Toman (Giant Snakehead) during testing


The logo fish is also changed from spotted knife to Toman.
It has become a rod that carries the best game fish in Asia.


Closing size 130cm

If the final size is 130 cm, when the rod is put in the bazooka (rod case), the total length + width + height will fit neatly within 158 cm.
This is the basic size for international flights and domestic flights overseas, and except for the use of some low-cost LCC airlines, bazookas can be carried without additional charges.
Also, for an expedition, it is essential to rent a car unless you are self-propelled by your own car. Of course there are no rod holders. With a size of 130 cm, it
can be loaded sideways in the back seat of a light car.

courier service 160 size

For domestic tours that frequently use low-cost LCC airlines, it is cheaper and safer to send luggage by courier than to carry heavy luggage between airports.
Japan is an advanced country in terms of logistics. There is no reason not to use this service. Go directly to the hotel for fishing between business trips. When using a rental car, it is easier to send your luggage directly to the rental car store, and as a result, it will save money and effort.


Guide setting changes

10 pieces of 6mm Sic-S double foot LKW guides are set based on the use of PE2 + 40lb nylon leader to PE6 + 100lb nylon leader. The old guide setting used 9 Sic-J double foot KW guides, and the bad guide was 12mm, but the diameter was changed to 10mm and the tip piece was changed to the bad piece. On top of that, by adding one 6mm guide, the rod belly part is set to bend more than the old type.
Lifting power, breaking strength, sharpness, cast system are all improved.
Old setting Sic-J TOP6・6・6・6・6・7・8・10・12
New setting Sic-S TOP6・6・6・6・6・6・6・7・8・10




Changes to the rear grip

The rear grip of the El Horizonte 78 is 38cm, which is based on long casts and strong pulls.
The El Horizonte 80 is 35cm long, which is the shortest length that a strong puller can use, and is set to a length that does not get in the way when wading.
On the other hand, the El Horizonte 70 is 32.5 cm long, which is 1 cm longer than the previous model.
This is designed according to the length of the human elbow bone and the length of the ulna bone.
It does not interfere with rod actions such as jerk, twitch, and vertical handling, and it can be held close to the side during a fight.
In addition, the weight balance is adjusted with crush cork so that it does not become tip heavy for the length of the rod.
The increased weight of the rod is due to this crash cork, and it is an outstanding rod balance that cannot be understood just by looking at the numbers.


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