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Settling speed (both non-rattle and sound wave)
2.5 (9.5g) 5 seconds/m
3.0 (14.5g) 4 seconds/m 
3.5 (20g) 3 seconds/m 

bait feather
Introducing the Bait Feather series of inverted bird hair bait tree designed by Mr. Sonoda, also known as Dr. Baitoki.
The "Bait Feather", which imitates the chest fin of a bait (small fish), can produce a light and sharp reddart action by minimizing the resistance when jerking! In addition, the flight attitude has a large reverse effect, reducing air resistance and increasing flight distance. The shape of the sinker is also specially designed for a sharp action that minimizes water resistance, and it is designed to increase flight distance and prevent snagging.
Kirekki Redart
Appeal to squid with a light crunchy reddart. Since the response is fast, it is useful when searching for a wide range of points or when it is highly active.
"Sound wave series" with rattle
The "Sound wave series" with rattle appeals to a wide range of squid by the vibration of the stainless steel ball inside the body hitting the body. Waves that reach a wide range are effective when there is little sign of squid, night games, and muddy tides.