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Egizaust 5G

Egizaust 5G

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"The rod controls the bait tree" A full-fledged egging rod that allows you to manipulate the bait tree as you wish. Adopted a new structure blank "R360 structure" that thoroughly pursued to minimize the blurring of the rod. In addition, a lightweight carbon frame SIC guide is used in the tip part, so the blurring from the tip to the bat is reduced. As a result, the thread is easily removed when casting, contributing to an increase in flight distance, and the blurring during jerk is also reduced, so you can control the bait tree as you wish. We want you to enjoy next-generation Egging with Exhaust 5G, which allows you to concentrate more on Egging.


Autumn squid egging model from summer to autumn. It is characterized by its sharpness that allows you to control the delicate jerking necessary for site egging and squid aiming that does not make the bait tree violently dirty. Of course, it also supports jerk using line slugs aimed at spring squid.

full length joint number Egi PE line action
8'6"ft 2pcs No. 1.5-3.5 No. 0.4-1.0 RF

Action R: Regular RF: Regular Fast F: Fast EX.F: EX.Fast RS: Regular Slow)


R360 structure

By arranging the carbon fiber in the directions of "straight (vertical)", "fade (diagonal to the right)", "draw (diagonal to the left)" and "side (horizontal)", we have created an ultra-lightweight blank that combines power and tension. rice field. Unlike the conventional carbon tape reinforcement on the surface of the blank, the blank itself is composed of multi-axial carbon sheets. It is the ultimate blank structure that corresponds to the force in the 360-degree direction by adjusting the carbon arrangement according to the role of the blank section.

R360 structure image 

Adopted T1100G carbon from Toray Industries, Inc.

A carbon that achieves both high strength and high elastic modulus by utilizing Toray Industries, Inc.'s technology to control the fiber structure at the nano level. We mainly use carbon filled with the latest technology used for structural members in the aerospace field, which requires extreme performance.

Lightweight carbon frame SIC guide

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