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Egi Sharpener

Egi Sharpener

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Speedily touch up the canna needles of Egi that cannot be exchanged!

Egi Sharpener

 The needle tip of Egi's canna is surprisingly delicate, and the points may become sweet or bent when touching structures such as seaweed and roots, but the needle density is high and the canna needle has two steps. Is very hard to sharpen with a normal sharpener, and it is not even easy to apply a sharpener to the needle.

 However, the canna needle cannot be easily replaced.

 The "Egi Sharpener" was created to touch up (sharpen) the canna needle of Egi, pursuing sharpening of the canna needle, and has a unique shape (PAT) with an elongated tip and a V-shaped sharpened surface. .P). It is a convenient tool that can surely sharpen each canna needle with a narrow needle spacing.

 The body is diamond-processed to achieve a steady touch-up, and even if it is overused, the sharpness of the sharpening condition is hardly impaired.

How to use

You can touch up easily and speedily by putting the V-shaped surface on the canna and sliding it toward the tip of the needle several times.

How to use the attached pipe The

attached metal pipe is for correcting the angle of the needle tip that is bent due to rooting. Insert the needle tip into the pipe and correct it to an appropriate angle.

● Product overview

 ・ With metal pipe (for straightening needle tip bending)
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