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Egi-Oh K Shallow/Super Shallow

Egi-Oh K Shallow/Super Shallow

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The key to capturing Suleika lurking in the shallows is "stable" slow fall.

We have developed three types that are essential for shallow strategy, and can be used in various locations and situations. By adopting an active balancer, we have made it possible to make dynamic and well-defined movements for shallow type egi, which tend to have small actions. Furthermore, by eliminating unnecessary patterns from the back, visibility in shallow areas is improved and you can enjoy exciting egging. Equipped with a sight color head even in dark colors to ensure visibility from anglers, this is an indispensable model for eggers who are seriously aiming for shallow fishing.


The shallow type uses a sea bream pattern (top), and the super shallow type uses a sardine pattern (bottom), and the sinkers are also engraved with the letters "S" and "SS" for easy identification by anglers.


Active balancer: Stabilizes the posture of the egi in shallow areas and achieves the ideal action.


The blue eye and blue feathers are the proof of the shallow type, and are only used in the shallow and super shallow types.


Comparison of sinking speed of each Egi type (No. 3.5)
Basic: approx. 3 seconds Shallow: approx. 6 seconds Super shallow: approx. 8 seconds


size weight Sinking speed
No. 3 S 15g Approximately 6.0 seconds/m
3.5 S 20g Approximately 6.0 seconds/m
No. 3 SS 14.5g Approximately 8.0 seconds/m
3.5 SS 19.5g Approximately 8.0 seconds/m
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