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Egi-Oh K Keimura

Egi-Oh K Keimura

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Keimura theory and effects

The secret to being able to catch Keimura's egi so well is the ``strength of appeal'' caused by fluorescence.
Fluorescence is a phenomenon in which light is emitted only when exposed to light.
In other words, the presence of light (ultraviolet rays) from the sun is essential for "Keimura" to demonstrate its appeal, especially under conditions such as clear, sunny and sometimes cloudy weather, times when sunlight is involved, and highly transparent tide-colored conditions. You can expect good results.

Situations where Keimura is effective

YAMASHITA's unique body color that uses clear rainbow tape on the Keimura body. The mottled Keimura luminescence leaking from the clear rainbow tape attracts Sureika.

The shallow type has a daisy pattern (left), the super shallow type has a sardine pattern (right), and the blue eyeballs and blue feathers that are the hallmarks of the shallow type are used.


size No. 2.5 No. 3 No. 3.5 No. 4 3.5 S 3.5 SS
weight 11g 16g 22g 26g 20g 19.5g
Sinking speed Approximately 5 seconds/m Approximately 3 seconds/m Approximately 3 seconds/m Approximately 3 seconds/m Approximately 6 seconds/m Approximately 8 seconds/m
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