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Egi-Oh K 490 Glow

Egi-Oh K 490 Glow

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Egi King K490 Glow

Egi King K490 Glow

Egiou K additional color that captures low light and muddy tide with the squid's most visible emission color "490 glow" .

What is the emission color "490 Glow" that makes it easy to see squid?

Unlike humans, squid eyes specialize in the ability to sense the difference between light and dark in order to live in the sea where light is limited.
"490 Glow" emits light with a wavelength of 490 nm (unit: nm (nanometer)), which is considered to be the most sensitive to many squids. This light creates the largest difference in light and darkness (light contrast) for squids during dark morning and evening muzzles and in the sea at night, and effectively appeals to them.

Active in the low light of morning and evening mazume and the capture of muddy tide

Keimura in bright hours with clear water quality. Night light in the morning and evening mazume low light and in a turbid situation.
It is 490 glow that exerts its power in the middle situation!


Fusion of rainbow tape and 490 glow emission


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A 490 rainbow body is used for the "Buchibuchi Coral" color.
The versatility of the rainbow tape and the mottled 490 glow emission that leaks from between invites Sleika.

size weight Subsidence speed
No. 2.5 11g About 5 seconds
No. 3 16g About 3 seconds
No. 3.5 22g About 3 seconds
No. 4 26g About 3 seconds
Equipped with a warm jacket that brings Egi to life
order number product name Color name Cloth type Body color (base) size weight Overall length (needle nuki) Subsidence type
619-911 Egi King K 2.5 052 Buchibuchi Coral Lame cloth 490 glow rainbow body No. 2.5 11g 75mm basic
619-928 King Egi K 2.5 053 Ultra Marine Lame cloth 490 glow body No. 2.5 11 g 75mm basic
619-935 King Egi K 2.5 054 Firefly shrimp Lame cloth 490 glow body No. 2.5 11 g 75mm basic
619-942 King Egi K 2.5 055 Poison purple Basic cloth 490 glow body No. 2.5 11 g 75mm basic

  • 052 Buchibuchi Coral

    A color that uses a 490 glow rainbow body in pink and orange with good visibility.
    An all-rounder with a rainbow tape element while appealing to the 490 glow body during low light and muddy tides.

  • 053 Ultra Marine

    A color that uses a 490 glow body that is strong against muddy tides in blue that fits in the clear tide.
    Sureika capture color that demonstrates its power in low activity conditions at low water temperatures.

  • 054 Firefly shrimp

    Of the four colors, the 490 glow body is the most effective color.
    A color that is familiar to the moonlight and sandy areas, and firmly appeals to squids even in situations with strong turbidity.

  • 055 Poison Purple

    A color that uses a 490 glow body in purple, which makes it easy to get a silhouette.
    A color that can appeal to deep-sea squids with its double appeal of silhouette and light emission.

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