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Egi-Oh K

Egi-Oh K

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The long-awaited new color of Egioh K for fishing low-activity squid, which was created to respond to the ever-changing field


For tough & rough conditions only

Increasing pressure and increasing number of Suleika

Egginger continues to increase year by year. Increasing pressure. With the advent of the egging boom, it has become more common for anglers to not be able to get the desired fishing results in the field. Squids that respond to baits but can't hold them, squids that don't even respond to baits... Squids that even experts are having trouble with are increasing.


Optimal “fall” and “dirt action”

"Egi-oh K" is an egi developed as a "low-activity squid strategy model" that can produce fishing results even in tough, high-pressure conditions. 1) Minimize the influence of external factors such as wind and waves to achieve a stable fall, and 2) achieve a dirt action that does not dart too much than necessary, resulting in an action that is preferred by extremely low-activity squid.


Hydrofin, the heart of “K” that achieves ultimate stability

Reason 1 for not being able to catch fish when the activity is low: “Breaking fall”

A low-active bluefin squid that extremely dislikes vertical and horizontal movement while falling. What Egioh K aimed for was a stable fall that showed its true value in all conditions. Hydrofin was developed and installed to make this possible. The transparent protrusion at the rear of the belly acts like a rudder on a ship, completely eliminating "shaking" when falling. In the sea, the Egioh K sinks silently and straight into the sea, not only in situations where there is no wind or waves, but also on days when the line is washed away by strong winds and high waves.


Reason 2 for not being able to catch fish when activity is low: “Too large action”

Another thing that low-activity bluefin squid dislikes is too large dart action to the left and right. Squid that have become more wary will most likely avoid baits that take more action than necessary. Egioh K does not dart left or right very far and does not make the squid unnecessarily wary. In addition, the action in the vertical direction has a high range-keeping ability that does not leave the range where the squid is, creating a situation where even low-activity squid can easily follow the egi.


Keimura and 490 Glow's W luminous effect, Hydro Eye

Contributes to a smooth fall

One point appeals with the W luminescence of "Keimura Eye" and "490 Glow Edge". Furthermore, by eliminating the step between the body and the eyeball and reducing resistance, a smooth fall is achieved.

There's more, "K"'s commitment

hydro body

Egioh K has a large flat surface in front of the belly, just around the sinker, and from the middle to the rear of the belly, the body narrows all at once toward the hydrofin. It reduces the shaking of the Egi body, efficiently dispels water, and achieves a stable fall and smooth dirt action.


hydro sinker

By designing it to be wide and cut through the water, it achieves an extremely stable fall that is effective against low-activity squid. High tuneability is also a feature of Egioh K. A deep tune by wrapping a thread weight around it and a shallow tune by expanding the hole are also easy. It is very effective against squid with low activity, whose reaction often changes depending on the rate of fall.


combination fine hook

A great part-time job. I couldn't afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that came my way amidst such bad circumstances. Egioh K is equipped with stepped hooks that each have different opening angles. This is a device to hook the delicate bite of low-activity squid. It is possible to bring all types of bites to hooking more reliably.


Comparison of sinking speed of each Egi type (No. 3.5)
Basic: approx. 3 seconds Shallow: approx. 6 seconds Super shallow: approx. 8 seconds


size weight Sinking speed
No. 2.5 11g Approximately 5.0 seconds/m
3.0 issue 16g Approximately 3.0 seconds/m
No. 3.5 22g Approximately 3.0 seconds/m
Issue 4.0 26g Approximately 3.0 seconds/m
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