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EG Palming Supporter

EG Palming Supporter

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EG palming supporter

EG palming supporter

Is there anyone who says that the arm holding the rod gets tired after using the bait reel for a day?

Not only when you're shaking jigs and bait, but also when you're just palming, you unconsciously grip the rod with force so you don't drop it.

The EG Palming Supporter is a support product that helps you get rid of that tiredness that you took for granted and gave up.
 Easy to attach to reel seats of various shapes with an adjustable support band.
 Reduces fatigue from palming for a long time with excellent stability just by gripping with light force.
 The support ring is made of silicone rubber, so it won't strain your fingers even when jerking hard.

■ Suitable fishing
● Squid Metal
 Light Jigging
 Boat Egging
 Boat Aging
General vertical fishing using bait tackle. 

▶ EG Palming Supporter [Size selection]

▶ EG Palming Supporter [Installation]

▶ EG palming supporter [thumbs easy version]

size S.M.L.LL
Black, Red, Blue, Glow, Orange [S/M/L], Green [S/M/L]



  • ■ Support ring

    ■ Support ring
    Made of silicone rubber, it does not strain your fingers even when jerked violently.
  • ■ Support band

    ■ Support band
    Adjustable and easy to attach to reel seats of various shapes. Comes with a spare band. ・11mm
    width x 203mm length


size list

*Numbers are when the support band is attached.
*Since the support ring is made of a non-slip silicone material, we recommend choosing a slightly looser size.

How to wear and use

After setting the reel on the rod, wrap the support band around the reel seat and fix it through the support ring. All you have to do is put your ring finger or middle finger in the support ring and palm it.

● Wrap the support band in front of the reel seat and trigger.
● Place the support ring on the side of the palming hand so that it is easy to fit on your finger.
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