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ECHO Parka (Aegis)

ECHO Parka (Aegis)

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A lightweight over hoodie. In addition, it uses anti-virus fabric. It is effective against most viruses, and wearing it is highly likely to reduce the risk. Even if viruses such as influenza, corona, cold, etc., which are likely to spread in the coming season, adhere to Echo Parker, they will be inactivated.

A hoodie for when it's a little chilly, with a surface that's relatively resistant to dirt. Long T + Echo Parka, Altamira + Echo Parka, short-sleeved T + Echo Parka, and so on.

February 18th. I was on the plane from Patagonia to Haneda via Frankfurt. I thought that the impact of the coronavirus was still happening in China, like a fire on the other side of the river. Frankfurt airport was a little different than usual. Especially the Asians I see are all wearing masks. Written on the walls and pillars of the terminal said that flights might be disrupted due to the coronavirus.

As soon as I returned to Japan, I was planning to participate in an outdoor event in Yokohama. I had a bad feeling, so I told the company from Frankfurt that I would not participate. After returning to Japan, the coronavirus spread slowly and rapidly around the world. Then, in just one month, the whole world freezes. Countries, cities, and familiar landscapes you have visited so far will be different landscapes than usual. In Japan, the impact has been gradual, but it seems that it will finally reach the point of declaring a state of emergency (as of April 6, 2020). What can we do? Can you survive or can you make a living?

On the plane, I took out a memo and a ballpoint pen and asked myself what I could and could not do in the situation where the world was confused about this new virus. I wrote down that there was no. I wrote down the details of each of the things I thought I could do. one of them.

That's antivirus wear.

It takes time to make the design of the wear itself antiviral. This is because airtightness like space suits and protective clothing is required. In that case, isn't there something called antiviral fabric? If you first obtain it and apply it to travel wear and casual wear, you may be able to reduce the risk. The name of the dough is Krenze. The cleanse is called “Etak,” a long-lasting and colonizing ingredient that is effective against not only bacteria but also various viruses. The cloth called “cleanse” is the one that fixed this “Etak” to the cloth. First, the characteristics of each are described here.

is an ingredient developed to maintain antibacterial and antiviral effects for a long time. Chemically synthesized quaternary ammonium salt and silane compound. The main antibacterial and antiviral action is due to the quaternary ammonium salt. Common disinfectants such as alcohol are effective immediately after spraying, but they cannot disinfect bacteria and viruses that adhere after drying, but Etak persists even after spraying, so it can be used with most materials. (Wood, glass, metal, fiber, rubber) has antibacterial and antiviral effects for about a week. (Developed by Professor Futagawa, Hiroshima University. Awarded the 2013 Science and Technology Award in the Development Category. About Etak

(Effective bacteria and viruses)
O-157, Escherichia coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Dental caries, Ringworm, etc.
Influenza virus, hepatitis A/B/C/D/E virus, measles virus, herpes virus, rabies virus, SARS virus, etc. Immobilization of

"Cleanse" (Kurabo)
Immobilization of Etak, an antibacterial component, on the surface of fibers fabric. Aimed at mitigating risk by antiviral. Reduces specific virus counts on fabrics by over 99%, even after 50 washes.

Antibacterial and antiviral processing is not intended to treat or prevent disease. Antiviral processing does not suppress the action of viruses. (Kurabo)

It can be said that it is the only fabric for antiviral wear. However, it is unknown whether it will be effective against the new virus. It is effective against most viruses, and wearing it may reduce the risk. .

In the future, to those who travel the world. If you leave Japan, there are many bacteria and viruses waiting in the world. By wearing this wear, you should be able to get a sense of security.

And now. urban survival. We wanted to create a wear that would reduce the risk even a little in crowded trains, crowds, and places where people gather. This is because I thought that if I wear this hoodie as a jacket and the virus does not take root, it will be less likely that the virus will be introduced to my eyes, nose and mouth through my hands.

It is not a wear that prevents you from getting sick or catching viruses if you wear it. Recognize that the clothing is intended to reduce risk

Cleanse: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Sizes: M, L, XL
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