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DRESS Worm Rabbit 1.5" (Buy 1, get 1 FREE)

DRESS Worm Rabbit 1.5" (Buy 1, get 1 FREE)

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The lustrous micro-waves produced by the two bunny tails, which resemble rabbit ears, appeal to various salt light game targets such as horse mackerel and rockfish, as well as rockfish! Fish and shrimp are the main baits
. In this case, the 1.5 inch compact silhouette will be most effective. It acts irregularly depending on the change of the current or the angler's will, and the sticky soft material body has excellent suction! Also, by cutting the bunny tail, you can tune it to a 0.9 inch micro pintail, which is useful for capturing fish patterns. !

・1.5inch (approx. 38mm)
・No bunny tail 0.9inch (approx. 23mm)

■Quantity: 8 pieces
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