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W Double Open Tackle Box S 1500D

W Double Open Tackle Box S 1500D

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Systemmatic storage makes your fishing more comfortable

The compact and easy-to-use tackle box W1500/W2300 is a tackle box that uses high-impact polypropylene material, and is a small case that can be stored systematically without damaging the lure.

Easy-to-use thin type with double opening specifications that can be opened and closed with one touch from either the left or right side. The internal partition is set at a pitch of 5.5 mm, and it can be finely adjusted according to the lure size, and it can be firmly fixed so that it does not slip easily. Both models are highly resistant to distortion and deformation as MADE IN JAPAN quality with high precision.


2022 New lineup of clear black (smoke) and clear red that allows you to see the contents

*Please note that leaving the case in a car, in a place exposed to direct sunlight, or in a hot and humid place for a long time may lead to deformation, damage, or deterioration of the case and the hard lure (plug) stored.

*For soft lures and elastomer materials, if left for a long time, the lure body, case, and partition may melt or deform.

*If a soft lure (worm) or worm oil adheres to the printed surface of the box surface, the printed area may dissolve or peel off.

*Please note that metal lures such as lead and tungsten may cause damage due to strong impact inside the case.

 *Do not use benzine or thinner, use near fire, or immerse in boiling water.

Name color size
1500D W OPEN TACKLE BOX S black, blue, red L:200mm×W:153mm×H:40mm
2300D W OPEN TACKLE BOX M black, blue, red L:234mm×W:195mm×H:40mm
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