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Diving Beetle 40mm 2.3g SP

Diving Beetle 40mm 2.3g SP

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Excellent balance and rapid diving ability,
essential item for mountain stream minnowing!

A body balance that can withstand rapid currents and the ability to quickly lead the way are required in order to trace the fast-flowing surface layer, the back of large rocks, and the bottom rocks, and aim for cunning trout lurking in the shadows.
"Sinking minnows can be washed away, and floating minnows can't reach the bottom..." This minnow demonstrates its power in such situations. In addition to shallows and pools, it lures trout by making use of its rapid diving ability even under embankments and under depressions.

40mm Suspend (2.3g)
(VH) - Vertical Hologram
(PL) - Plating
(AL) - Aluminum

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