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Disk Wrench

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This is a tool to remove and to fix the disk-shaped side plate of DAIWA spinning reels.
By opening the side cover plate, you will be able to apply grease or oil to the gears quite easily.



* This item is compatible with those reel models above with the spool number 4000 or smaller than that.

How to use

When removing the side cover plate, make sure to align the tips of this product with the three holes on the side plate.
Then insert a solid shaft or something like a screwdriver shaft into the product hole and slowly turn it counterclockwise.

When attaching the disk-shaped side plate to the reel, make sure that the side plate and the mounting screw of the reel body are aligned. Align the tips of this tool with the three holes on the side plate, and turn the tool clockwise slowly until it stops.
Then insert the driver's shaft etc. into the tool hole and fully tighten it to the end.


Once the plate is removed, the gear clearance can be slightly different from the original position, causing the gear to feel gritty or rattling.
In this case, adjust with IOS adjustment washer.

* Please use this product at your own risk.