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Delfy Hat CAP-19

Delfy Hat CAP-19

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Uses TORAY DELFY®, a comfortable material with high waterproof and breathable properties

This hat is made of the new material "TORAY DELFY®," which has excellent waterproof properties and moisture permeability to prevent stuffiness caused by sweating.
It has high water repellency and excellent waterproof and windproof properties that prevent wind and rain from passing through, making it comfortable to wear.

Excellent breathability without stuffiness or stickiness

It has excellent moisture permeability and does not cause stuffiness or stickiness due to sweating. It
can be worn comfortably in hot weather or during exercise, and maintains the appropriate temperature and humidity.

Highly water-repellent, repels rain and water droplets

It also has excellent water repellency, so you can rest assured even if it suddenly rains.

Excellent waterproof and windproof properties that prevent wind and rain from penetrating

Excellent waterproof and windproof properties protect your head even in strong winds and rain.
Ideal for outdoor sports and camping.

Comes with an adjuster for size adjustment

There is an adjuster on the inside so it can be adjusted from 54cm to 57cm. Please use it according to the size of your head.

  • Delphi Fishman Hat
  • Delphi Fishman Hat


  • Material: Outer: 100% nylon / Lining (mesh fabric): 100% polyester
  • Size: Free size (with adjuster: 54cm-57cm)
  • Color: Black
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