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A crossover between two functions: cranking and jerking.

"It's a highly practical lure that combines the functions of a crankbait and a jerkbait at a very high level. You can catch fish just by reeling it in. You can also catch fish by twitching it. You can also freely combine reeling, twitching and pausing. There are bass that can only be caught with this lure in situations where other lures won't work." (by Shimizu Morizo)

■ Underwater action movie
[Just reeling]
A wobbling roll action with soft afterimages and undulations like a balsa lure.
 Pay attention to the contrast between the sharp flashing when viewed from the side and the smooth swimming form when viewed from behind. (From 0:15)
With a light force, the flat, tall body twists nimbly and effortlessly in a flat action.
 Sometimes the body twists 180 degrees until it's upside down, or makes a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction to the direction of travel, appealing to the eye. (①From 0:43 / ②From 1:00) ➡ Check out the movement in slow motion on YouTube.
A slow rise action accompanied by small trembling that occurs as a result of the lingering sensation when the lure stops.
 A short pause creates an effect that makes the action stand out even more in an instant while keeping the lure at a certain range. (From 0:34)
Taking advantage of this agile and smooth action, you can simply reel it in as a crankbait, or you can twitch and pause as a jerkbait. Either way, the action is unparalleled. That alone is enough to justify the existence of this lure.
Furthermore, the ability to instantly switch between cranking and jerking in one cast is unique to the X-Over.
For example, you can simply reel it in along the bank to appeal to bass in the middle layer, then twitch and pause above or beside rocks, trees, and weed patches that appear here and there, and then retrieve it at high speed as if it's fleeing from allows for a variety of approaches that transcend category boundaries to help you catch bass that have eluded you before.
Since you can use both the crankbait and jerkbait functions without having to change lures, it will be a reliable tool for bank anglers who want to narrow down their tackle.
▪Fixed weight + α silent specification
Assuming tough situations where other lures do not react, the completely fixed weight method adopted to seek good response and quality of action like balsa lures naturally contributes to silence. However, even non-rattle lures actually make noise when the hook hits the body... In order to reduce such hook noise even a little. In addition to the slimy smooth action to cope with tough situations, it also has the role of suppressing hook vibration and reducing contact with the body, achieving even more silence.
▪ 90mm body x 3 hooks to eliminate dissatisfaction
We stuck to 3 hooks to catch short bites (playful bites, body-slamming bites, etc.) that tend to occur when jerking. However, to mount 3 treble hooks on a short 90mm body, there is a problem that "if you try to prevent the hooks from getting tangled, the hook size becomes small, which causes the fish to get away, and if you increase the hook size to prevent the fish from getting away, the hooks get tangled" ... The #6 size, which is one rank larger than the body, and the short shank Treble Magic eliminate such dissatisfaction.


full length 9.0cm Self-restraint 18.5g
type Slow Floating Diving Range 1.0 to 2.0 m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium light to medium 6'2" to 7'1" Baitcasting rod
Line: 10 to 14 lb.
Ring (Snap) Size [Line eye] #2, [Hook eye] Front: #2, Center: #2, Rear: #2
Hook Size Front: #6, Center: #6, Rear: #6



  • ■ Body
  • [Shad-shaped body]
    A thin, tall body. The sides are not completely flat, but have subtle curves that resemble those of a baitfish.
    ▪When in action, the flickering is striking and moves the water while also generating mild afterimages and vibrations.
    ▪ When you twist the body, it moves the water a lot and emphasizes the visual change in shape. (From the side, it looks thick to thin, and from below, it looks thin to thick.)
    ▪Even when you stop, the small side-to-side rolling motion continues.
  • [V-shaped belly front]
    Belly shape resembling a V-hull boat.
    ▪It has the ability to cut through the water in a straight line, yet is unstable and prone to rolling.
    The edge effect separates the side of the body (upper part) from the abdomen (lower part), emphasizing the change in color vision during action.
  • [V-shaped rear belly]
    The lower rear part of the body is carved away into a sharp V-shape, creating a unique shape. The change in the flow of water along the body when swimming creates a subtle wobble in the tail.
  • [Slim tail]
    The tail is narrow and tapered compared to the tall body.
    ▪ Reduces resistance when casting, stabilizes flight posture and increases flight distance.
    ▪Suppresses excessive tail-wagging action and creates a smooth, natural appeal.
  • [Main weight molded integrally with the eye, with a low center of gravity]
    In order to efficiently lower the center of gravity in the smallest possible space, a molded weight is designed to be integrated with the eye.
    ▪ Achieves stable, small, high-pitch rolling action.
    ▪ Demonstrates excellent response, quickly recovering after jerking or hitting something and falling over.
    <In the case of insert plate color>
    The internal space (especially on the ventral side) is expanded by reducing unnecessary ribs. The flushing efficiency is improved by increasing the area of ​​the insert plate.
  • [Distributed sub-weights]
    Two sub-weights are installed slightly rearward of the body.
    ▪ Stable posture when casting and increased casting distance. The shad-shaped body makes it difficult to cast, and the fixed weight prioritizes action, yet provides stress-free castability in actual battles.
    ▪The natural swimming posture is close to horizontal, preventing the tail from swinging too much and unnaturally.
    <Fully fixed weight, silent design>
    Both the main weight and sub weight are completely fixed. Combined with a tight action that suppresses hook noise, this silent design makes it even less likely to generate noise.
  • ■ Lip
    [Hybrid shape]
    A mix of round, coffin, and square shapes that can be used in a wide range of situations from mid-level to bottom.
  • [Step]
    Although it has a wide shape, it is narrowed at the base and has steps on both sides.
    By firmly gripping the water while instantly releasing it, stability and instability coexist, resulting in the following movements.
    ▪Although the movements are short and high-pitched, they are not stiff, but rather smooth and slippery.
    ▪An action that lightly avoids getting caught on the bottom or an object and then regains its position.
    ▪ Reduces the strain on your wrist that is common with jerk baits, allowing you to twist the body with little force.
  • ■ Hook
    [90mm body, #6 x 3 hooks]
    3 hooks to catch the playful bites and body-slamming bites that tend to occur when jerking. To reduce the chance of losing the lure, we use #6 size hooks, which are one size larger than the lure size, but the hooks do not get tangled.
  • [Short shank wide gap hook]
    Equipped with a high-strength treble hook, Treble Magic short shank type (fluorine coated), which is easy to hook and difficult to lose. The short shank #6 size eliminates hook tangles and provides peace of mind during the fight.
  • [Upward-facing tail eye]
    The tail eye is set slightly upward on the diagonally cut tail. The distance between the tail hook and the center hook has been increased to eliminate interference between the hooks.
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