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D-Incite 44

D-Incite 44

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Following D-Contact & Direct, the long-awaited second heavy sinking minnow produced by Hitoshi Hiramoto is D-Insight, which is an ultra-thin flat side heavy sinking minnow.

It is a heavy sinking minnow that has a big weapon to eat with a large inertial fluttering with a large roll angle.

Common features of the series

・Because the travel distance is short, you can appeal for a long time, and the inertial flutter action has a sharp roll angle.
・Vibration swim with high-speed reeling and deep trace range (approximately 20cm deeper than D-Contact with D-Insight 53)
・Equipped with a thin, high-strength new lip. It has excellent sharpness and water bite, and is suitable for all styles and fields, such as up-down, deep water, rough water, and small spots in small mountain streams.
- Due to the body design and center of gravity balance, there is no fluctuation and a long flight distance with a pleasant extension.
・Created by a collaboration of original potting eyes and a different kind of hologram.

D-Insight 44

A downsized model designed with the basic performance of D-Insight 53 intact. The trace range is about 10 cm shallower than the 53, and it is characterized by a light and crisp feeling that is noticeable in reeling and good operability during operations such as casting and twitching.
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