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D-Contact 50

D-Contact 50

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D-Contact Eating with Inertial Slide

A heavy sinking minnow that has transformed lure fishing in mountain streams. D-CONTACT is a minnow that realizes "inertial slide" action, and can be said to be the igniter of heavy sinking minnows.

The "D" has a built-in tungsten weight with a specific density of 18, and while securing a weight of 4.5g for 50mm, 7g for 63mm, and 9.5g for 72mm, it has an amazing "distance power" with an ultra-thin body form.・ It means "deep power" and "direction power".

Heavy Thinking Minnow Despite being a popular spark, its high degree of perfection is unrivaled and its high support is still unabated.

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