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D-Compact 38 38mm 2.5g

D-Compact 38 38mm 2.5g

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D-compact 38
TYPE Heavy sinking built-in fixed tungsten weight
HOOK Kaken Treble Hook (Short Shank) #14


Body design

A "character" back with the apex of buoyancy placed directly above the center of gravity. And the flat side that enhances the fluttering effect. A thin lip that achieves a balance between swimming sharpness, water biting, and strength.

Swim, action

Wob & roll is a big wave swim with 50/50%. For this reason, even just pulling it has a strong appeal. A short-pitch fluttering inertial slide with a short movement width induces a bite even in a slight action zone. Sharp dirt due to hard twitch avoids "closeout". The reeling depth (water stoppage) is 100 cm for D-Compact 45, which is deeper than D Contact and D Insight. D-Compact 38 is 60 cm.

"Ease of use" and "eating power" that do not pop out in any situation

Scenes where the lure would normally pop out from the water surface, such as a shallow or fast flow up twitch, and a strong stream core from the side By inviting a U-shape inside, you can capture the complicated and tough flow of goro stones down. Even in delicate rod operations such as raising the rod angle and lying down in various situations, and even in situations where line tension is extremely sensitive, the D-Compact can be easily manipulated by the lip and body balance, which are excellent in water biting, and firmly without popping out. It will be appealing.

Easy range control "Ease of use" and "Eating power"

Range control is very important regardless of whether it is shallow or deep. Coupled with fish tana, it is directly linked to the result. Also, if you can't control it, you will lose your important lure. What is important is the combination of rod angle, strength of action, and reeling speed. D-Compact responds obediently to the angler's intentions.

"Ease of use" and "eating power" with a light operation feeling The

crispy operability brought about by the swimming that firmly conveys the signal and the weight of 3.5g (D-compact 45) 2.5g (D-compact 38) It facilitates action production and enhances concentration.
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