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Custom Decoy AS-04 Pike Hyper Twin Assist Hook (#2/0)

Custom Decoy AS-04 Pike Hyper Twin Assist Hook (#2/0)

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Custom hand tied twin assist hooks

- Decoy AS-04 #2/0 Pike Hyper hooks
- Yarie No.535 #4 welded jig ring 250lb
- Round profile solid ring for maximum leader to ring knot strength
- #3 114lb Varivas Avani OCEAN WORKS ASSIST LEADER Super Max Power [SMP]
- 1cm/3cm offset length assist cord
- Fine long taper and exquisite point angle realize smooth and quick hooking
- Rust-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment are used
Axial strength is further improved by reinforced flat processing on the two curves where force is applied
- Fish attractor flash

2 sets per pack

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