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Crystal Eye

Crystal Eye

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Replacement eye for various lures.

4.8mm fits: B Custom (ALL WEIGHT), B Custom Chatter (ALL WEIGHT), Mini Bros (ALL WEIGHT), Custom Blade # 3.5 / # 4, Mad Weber, Buzz Jet Jr., Radscale, Realizer Jr., Bumble Head 3 / 8oz , Evoque 1.2, S103, Buffalo, Micro Basilisky

6.0mm fits: Custom Blade # 4.5, Rad Springer, DC400 Cascabel, DC300 Kickbacker, Barrison Minnow 100/130 / Longville, Killer Compass, Slide Swimmer 115, Prop Jig (ALL WEIGHT), Prop Jig Tiny Prop (ALL WEIGHT), Pulsecod, Corrigan-SR / MR, Bumble Head 1 / 2oz / 5 / 8oz, Brachyo Stick, Evoque 2.0, Rabbit, Blade Hustler, Murdy Hustler, Bell Knocker, Ripple Jet (type-S / Streamer), Springer Buffalo, Stinger Back

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