Corona 58 LBC-HX (Harmonix)

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Model Corona 58 LBC-HX
Code 58LBC-HX
Action RF
Length (ft) 5'8"
Folded length (cm) 146
Rear Grip Length (cm) 19.5
Rod Wt. (g) 146
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) 14
PE (# ,MAX) -
Cast Wt. (g)



The first Harmonix supervised by Junichi Aiba.

“Purely enjoy bass fishing. ]
A short bait rod that enables various expressions.

Lighter and more delicate.

Corona 58 "Purely enjoy bass fishing. Aiming to be a short bait rod developed under Mr. Junichi Aiba.
The short length, which emphasizes handling, allows you to lightly handle a wide range of lures, mainly light plugs, and makes it possible to delicately approach threaded fish even when using warming.

Short length of 5.8ft.

The length of 5.8ft was determined as the most efficient length by repeating casting and hooking under conditions where the posture is limited, such as when rowing in a wild pond.
By bending half of the rod from the tip to the berry after hooking the fish, it is possible to lift the fish from the berry to the bat with the strength of the bat without worrying about surrounding obstacles.
In the case of open water at a different location, severe techniques are required if there is high pressure.
Accurate casting and finer action than others, this rod will give anglers a big advantage.