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Corn Minnow 200mm 114g

Corn Minnow 200mm 114g

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[Corn Minnow 200]
The first lure of "DDD", which is Skagit Designs' masterpiece "Chip Minnow" upscaled to 200mm and 114g (4oz). It is possible to swim with a tail wave on the water surface with dead slow retrieve, and aim just below the water surface while adding rolling action with fast retrieve. Change the retrieve speed according to the activity and situation and appeal to the target. Due to its unique balance setting, the hyper rolling action that far surpasses normal rolling attracts distant fish and allows you to enjoy a powerful bite scene. Odd eyes with different colors on the left and right large eyes create a powerful color effect during rolling action. The honeycomb structure body, which is the first lure to be used (according to our research), has a wire piercing rig, so it can withstand fights with large fish such as tuna.
・New material: The PLA resin used in this lure uses tough PLA resin with up to 9 times the impact resistance of ordinary PLA resin. (Biodegradable resin)
・New structure: Instead of a laminated structure, the monocoque structure including the lip is equipped with a weight balance box. Reliable strength with new structure. (DDD original structure)
[SPEC] Length: 200mm
Weight: 114g (4oz)
Type: Top Water Hook: ST-36BC #2/0
Filament: Reinforced PLA (polylactic acid made from plant-derived ingredients)
[Note] *This lure is molded with a Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printer, so there are traces of lamination on the lure itself. *Because heat resistance is slightly weaker than general plastic lures, please be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight for a long time, especially in summer. There is a risk of deformation. * PLA resin is biodegradable, but it will not decompose unless placed in compost, so please use and store it with confidence.
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