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22 Silver Creek Stream Twitcher SC ST 51LB

22 Silver Creek Stream Twitcher SC ST 51LB

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Aim for pinpoint in the headwater basin, and set the length so that long-distance casting is possible in the open middle basin. An aggressive bait rod that hits the sinking minnow to the point, delivers a lifelike action, and surely catches the fish.

silver creek stream twitcher

item Overall length
Number of joints
Tip diameter/base diameter
Applicable line
51LB 1.55 2 80 79 1.7/6.9 2-10 2-6 96

A trout rod series that covers the upstream to midstream areas as the core model of Daiwa native trout rods.
The "Stream Twitcher" has an accurate casting performance that aims at pinpoints from the upstream to the midstream, and rod operability that attracts native trout by tracing along the desired line while actively acting on lures centered on minnows. Excellent trout rod series. In addition to assuming the size of the river and the lure to be used, we also consider the casting style that is often used when selecting actions. Discerning item composition.
Specification details

■ A grip design that looks great in photos with a trout taste
Especially for trout luremen who are particular about the design around the seat, we have newly developed a metal screw type reel seat that is the main part of recent trout rods. By incorporating resin parts inside the metal ring part, the fit of the reel is improved and the damage to the reel foot part is eliminated. Natural wood is used for the spacers, and each one shows a different expression. It is truly a “photo-prosperous design”.

■Review the lineup from scratch and set each item with its own uniqueness
11 items, from super short 38 with Yabusawa specifications to 73 corresponding to mainstream yamame trout and Satsukimasu. By setting the optimum action grip length considering not only the situation and lure to be used, but also the casting style that is frequently used, it is a unique specialty model item setting for each of the same series.

■ K guides with lightweight titanium frame SiC ring specifications are set with emphasis on thread removal
All guides are standard equipped with K guides with titanium frame SiC ring specifications, which are lightweight and have a reputation for durability. While supporting not only nylon and fluorocarbon, but also the PE line system, which is becoming more popular, the guide size has been revised and the diameter has been increased to improve thread removal and cast light lures without stress. Realize the setting. The stress of spider webs in Yabusawa in the summer is also greatly reduced.

■ Bait model with a new short trigger sheet
Each bait model has a new trout trigger sheet that uses a natural wood spacer with a different pattern for a trout taste. Especially this time, we have developed a new shape short trigger type that shortens the trigger so that it is easy to cast freely using the wrist. Full-scale specifications for mountain stream bait style using bait reels that are becoming more popular year by year.

  • Titanium frame SiC ring K guide (bait casting model is titanium frame SiC ring LRV guide)
  • Short trigger seat (48ULB, 51ULB-4, 51LB)
"45 °" is the best for X45 twist prevention. Optimal structure to prevent twisting that revolutionizes power and operability. By wrapping DAIWA's unique bias cloth (such as carbon fiber diagonally at ±45°) around the conventional structure (0°, 90° to the tip of the rod), twisting is prevented and power, operability, and sensitivity are greatly improved. significantly improved.

*The strongest "45°" X structure against twisting is used for naming. "X Torque" has been renamed to "X45" as a global trademark.

image ■ HVF [H-V]
In the carbon sheet that has the greatest impact on the rod performance, Daiwa focuses on the amount of adhesive resin (resin) that holds the carbon fiber together, as well as the high elasticity of the carbon fiber itself. "High Density HVF Carbon", which reduces the amount of resin that can be said to be fat and increases the density of carbon fiber instead, is more muscular and powerful. It is the best material for rods that emphasize stickiness and strength.
image ■V-JOINT [V-Joint]
The smooth bend of the knot realizes the ideal condition and power-up. DAIWA's unique bias structure is adopted for the joints of the joints. Achieves smooth bending at joints, improving power, response and sensitivity.
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