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58C Kawasemi

58C Kawasemi

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Jet Setter 58C KAWASEMI [Jade]


Jet Setter 58C KAWASEMI [Jade]


(Kawasemi photo by Takenii)

The project for the jet setter, which was given the name Kingfisher, was started by K, a former staff member. This spring, four years later, he finally reached his goal: ``Like a kingfisher, I can catch fish well, and I'm beautiful, better than anyone else or any animal.''

The English name of the kingfisher is KING FISHER. Also known as the king of fishing and the king of anglers.

The Jet Setter 58C, which bears the name KAWASEMI, is the strongest among the Jet Setter series, and can handle fish that are said to be runaway trains and runaway fish around the world, such as Dorado, Thoman (Chado), large steelhead, In order to be able to fight against Rainbow, it not only has strong bat power but also has power in the tip.

Speaking of world fish, the catfish family has enough power and torque to fight even large fish.The powerful and torquey blanks are equipped with a large diameter guide system, and the PE size is 8 and the leader. It is possible to make a system for 100 pounds and make a tackle for hunting large fish. When used in Japan, it is very compatible with

cover fishing for snakeheads, catfish, and bass, and as a big bait tackle of up to about 100g. In saltwater, it is a reliable fish that can handle both large root fish and green fish with ease, and it will be a beautiful hunter with the color of a kingfisher's plumage. It is difficult to create a model that emphasizes power with a pack rod, and we struggled with the flexibility of the joints and the balance with torque, but I think it was created with a very good balance and beautifully. This rod color is based on the Japanese kingfisher, which has the jade plumage color. There are various types of kingfishers (or mountain kingfishers) around the world, but all of them are very good at catching fish, and they are also familiar birds to anglers, as they often appear in the fields we fishermen go to. JetSetter 58C KAWASEMI Total length 5 feet 8 inches Number of joints 4 pieces Closing dimensions 53cm Rod power H class line (PE) up to No. 8 Leader up to 100 pounds Lure 7g to 100g included Special case (Predator rod case) List price 45000 We have spare parts (#1 and #2 parts: tip part, second part) if you already own them, please send them prepaid. We will fit it and send it to you.


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