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22 DG-6122 Yellow (5 Cut Stretch Fit Gloves with Pads)

22 DG-6122 Yellow (5 Cut Stretch Fit Gloves with Pads)

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A new fit is achieved by the silicon print on the instep side.
The instep side realizes a new fit by applying a silicone print to the stretchable fabric.
The instep fabric also has a cool contact feeling, UVCUT, and quick-drying water absorption.
The palm side supports the rod operation with the original punched pad.
Product details
Punched pad
Functions list
By using an excellent stretch material that follows violent movements, we have achieved a stress-free fit that does not stretch and a comfortable and comfortable fit.
By using a material that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, it protects the bare skin from sunburn and prevents skin troubles.
Water absorption and quick drying (DRY)
■ Water absorption and quick drying (DRY)

A water-absorbent quick-drying material that dries quickly and absorbs, diffuses, and dries moisture such as sweat .
It keeps the skin dry and provides a comfortable fit.
Cool contact feeling (COOL)
■ Cool contact feeling (COOL)
Cool material makes it comfortable and cools down even in the heat of the heat by depriving the body of the touched area. It is a cool contact material that feels chilly.
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Glove conformity size guideline [JASPO standard] (Unit: cm)
S M L XL (LL) 2XL (3L)
21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30

■ Glove size measurement method

Measure the perimeter of the hand connecting A and B as shown on the left.

* The values ​​in the table are guidelines, not actual dimensions. Please try it on before purchasing and select the size.
* Products that use stretch materials are made smaller due to the characteristics of the material. Please be sure to try it on and choose the most suitable size.
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