Combat Crank 480

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combat crank 480

combat crank 480

control the deep. Lightness that can be rolled down and overwhelming flight distance.

The Combat Crank 480 boasts overwhelming long-throw performance that surpasses others and lightness of retrieve resistance that cannot be thought of as a deep crank. Casting allows you to search deeper than 4m (maximum dive 4.8m 10lb. line) more effectively, and dragging allows you to search deeper than 8m.

In addition, during the test, not only the secondary irregular action immediately after the bottom knock, but also frequent bites in the middle layer occurred, continuing to prove how bass like the essential action of this lure. I was.

Combat crank 480 that makes deep cranking with big lake, reservoir, river, and big bass a higher dimension and easier. Please feel the power that made Kikumoto say, "Confidence turned into conviction."

full length 7.5cm dead weight 26.0g
type floating diving range 4.2-4.8m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium heavy 6'6"-8'0" bait rod
Line: Fluorocarbon 10-16lb. or Nylon 12-16lb.
Ring (snap) size [Line Eye] #3, [Hook Eye] Front: #3, Rear: #3
hook size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #4, Rear: #4


  • Tungsten center of gravity movement system

  • Low center of gravity fixed sub-weight

  • square round lip

  • hexagon body design

  • treble magic