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Combat Crank 400

Combat Crank 400

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combat crank 400

combat crank 400

A new standard of Lake Biwa. The strongest 4m diver, Combat Crank 400.

Combat Crank 400 boasts the longest flight distance in the series. The balance is not lost even in crosswinds and headwinds, and the absolute condition of deep cranking, striking an overwhelming flight distance. The movement, which is optimally set as a 4m diver, conveys the invisible deep world to your hand and induces a bite.

In addition, the surprisingly light pulling resistance makes it possible to continue winding comfortably all day without choosing a rod. In addition to overwhelming flight distance, it achieves both "firm movement" and "comfortable pulling feeling". A true classic, the Combat Crank 400.

full length 6.8cm dead weight 21.0g
type floating diving range 3.2-4.0m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium ~ Medium Heavy 6'6" ~ 8'0" Bait Rod
Line: Fluorocarbon 10 ~ 16lb. or Nylon 12 ~ 16lb.
Ring (snap) size [Line Eye] #3, [Hook Eye] Front: #3, Rear: #3
hook size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #4, Rear: #4



  • Tungsten center of gravity movement system

  • Low center of gravity fixed sub-weight

  • square round lip

  • hexagon body design

  • treble magic

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