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Clutch Hitter

Clutch Hitter

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Clutch hitter

Clutch hitter

A super shallow runner with the strongest appeal.

Shimizu Morizo's super shallow running crankbait, Clutch Hitter. A new weapon for target ranges of less than 30cm has been added to the lineup, and with Morizo's high response and sharp high pitch wide wobbling roll action, it is now possible to quickly explore ultra shallow ranges that were previously inaccessible. It can be used in many ways, such as

forcing bass that are aware of the water but don't come out to the surface to bite, for attracting bass scattered across vast weed flats and picking them up at a good tempo, for getting them to bite within one turn of the reel handle near the cover, and for attacking the shore where it is easy to get snagged without stress when fishing from the shore.

Clutch Hitter is an aggressive crankbait that boasts the strongest appeal, and is easy to use and can be used from waking just below the water surface to a range of 30cm .

[Video] Clutch hitter action movie

1. Outstanding flight distance
Despite the fixed center of gravity, the weight/rattle (tungsten, stainless steel) placed at the rear allows for outstanding flight distance and allows for a wide range of exploration.

2. Easy-to-use range setting for bank fishing
The swimming range is about 30cm with normal retrieval. By adjusting the angle of the rod and the retrieval speed, you can aim from just below the water surface to 30cm, and you can get fish that don't make it to the top to bite. Easy-to-use range setting for bank fishing.

3. Fast swimming start, strongest action that can handle low to high speeds
The base lip + low center of gravity fixed weight allows it to start swimming immediately after landing on the water, achieving a sharp high-pitch wide wobbling roll action that boasts the strongest appeal. Its movement and rattle sound appeal to a wide range of fish. It firmly grabs the water and acts even at low speeds, and it does not jump out of the water even at high speeds, so it can be used without stress.

4. Composite bass sound appeals to big bass
The strongest high-pitch wide wobbling roll action combined with the composite bass sound of two different rattles makes a strong appeal to big bass.

5. Quick return & spontaneous action induces bites
Wide lip & wide action also helps to avoid cover. After hitting the cover, it quickly returns and does not waste the strike zone. Also, when you stop retrieving or immediately after hitting the cover, a lingering action occurs that spontaneously shakes the body, inducing a bite.

[Video] Clutch hitter composite bass sound & lingering action

The clutch hitter exploded on Burning Empire 's "Operation 21: New Support Team Discoveries Camping in Kochi" (Tsuri Vision: First aired on September 30, 2016)! He caught about 30 fish, including one over 50cm.

  • Body Shape
    ●The rounded body with a sharply tapered tail emphasizes the swing range of the tail, creating a highly appealing action that attracts fish from far away.

    ●When you stop retrieving, it creates a lingering action of floating up, inducing a bite.
  • ① Ultra-thin board lip
    ●Uses a 0.8mm base. Its lightness and thinness enable a sharp high-pitch action and also contribute to the quick start of swimming.
  • ●The short and wide shape covers as much of the hook movement associated with wide wobbles as possible and helps avoid obstacles.
  • ②Eye integrated molding, low center of gravity, fixed main weight
    ●By fixing the main weight, the speed of the swimming start is improved. It also contributes to the quick return when avoiding cover.

    ●By concentrating the weight on the fulcrum of the action, it creates a stable wide wobbling roll action that can be used for a wide range of retrieves, from slow to high speed.
  • ③ Rear weight/rattle
    ●The weight (which doubles as a rattle) is placed at the rear of the body, giving it a stable flying posture and outstanding casting distance.

    ●The rattles are made of two different materials, creating a composite low-pitched sound that appeals to big bass. By placing it at the tail, which has a wide action, the sound is generated more effectively.
  • ④Treble Magic
    ● Treble Magic is standard equipment (front #5, rear #6) which is easy to hook and hard to come off .


full length 5.8cm Self-restraint 12.5g
type floating Diving Range 0–0.3 m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium light to medium 6'0" to 7'0" baitcasting rod
Line: 10 to 20 lb.
Ring (Snap) Size [Line eye] #2, [Hook eye] Front: #2, Rear: #2
Hook Size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #5 Rear: #6
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