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Clerus 411UL

Clerus 411UL

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Model Clerus 411 UL
Code 411 CUL
Action R.
Length (ft) 4.11
Folded length (cm) 121
Rear Grip Length (cm) 19
Rod Wt. (g) 84
Mono Line (lb ,MAX) 6
PE (# ,MAX) 0.8
Cast Wt. (g) 2~7

A rod that reminds you of the fun of fishing.

4ft 11inch mountain stream bait finesse rod produced by Takae Ogawa

A rod that returns to the origin of "the fun of catching fish"

I want fishing to be fun. This Clerus 411
is the rod where such thoughts are realized .

My starting point was fishing targeting char and yamame trout.
Among them, what seems to be particularly fun is " Mountain stream bait finesse "
There should be many people who are obsessed with the charm of such mountain stream bait finesse.
At a point that is a little difficult to aim at, the cast is decided as intended, and the fish hits there.
I myself remember that the fun increased more and more as I improved.
And even now, I still feel the joy of fishing and rivers through this rod.

With the Clerus411, it is possible to lightly shoot a 2g lure into the back of a cover or overhang by backhand casting.
3-4g spoons and minnows are the main ones.
We recommend a reel for bait finesse.
The bat power is not too strong, and it is a rod that targets 15 cm to 30 cm, so-called "shaku".

The tip when casting has the suppleness and flexibility of a living creature.
The length is neither too short nor too long, and is designed for pincasting in mountain streams.
If you use the softness of the tip, you can cast compactly without hitting the water surface even if the casting space is narrow.
It also features a soft regular taper, and the rod bends beautifully when the fish hits.

My aim is to make fishing fun by
making you smile when you meet a small river fish, and you can enjoy fishing that will make you smile when you fight.

While fishing, one day I started to pursue "size", and the more I think about it, the more I move towards "stoic fishing".
That's fine, but I want to make a rod that makes you want to meet the "little one" you caught when you were young again.
With such a wish, I was involved in the production. 

Takae Ogawa

Even in Hokkaido, where I live, char and yamame trout have recently become more difficult than in the past. Many people have an image of catching a lot of trout in Hokkaido, but there are still many days when the catch is poor. Even in such a case, I think it would be nice if it was a rod that can feel the "joy of catching". By the way, this is my impression, but the cast feel of 3g to 4g is the best. And recommended is spooning. Depending on the point of the river you are fishing, it is a rod that you can easily enjoy reel fishing and bottom fishing. Speaking of difficulties, when you attach an action to a heavy sinking minnow weighing 5g or more, you will have to choose the point, and you will feel that it is a little difficult to handle. We hope that those who want to enjoy the mountain stream with a bait rod can enjoy it as they wish with their favorite lures.

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