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Chubby Popper 42

Chubby Popper 42

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Color produced by Kyoya Fujita

Coloring made to correspond to various situations.
Kyoya smelt is the best match for smelt.
Sight matte black is effective at low light.
Both colors are equipped with sight markers so that you do not miss the position of the lure or bite, and finished with specifications that do not miss a momentary chance.

CHUBBY POPPER 42 / Chubby Popper 42

Compatible with microbait patterns

The size of 42mm is the best match for the microbait pattern that has been attracting attention in fields across the country in recent years.
This is a size that professional Kyoya Fujita considers indispensable, especially in fields where smelt is the main bait, such as Lake Kawaguchi.

CHUBBY POPPER 42 / Chubby Popper 42

Splash & Dive → Long pose

Appeal to the bass by diving into the water with a sweet pop sound.
If you notice a pop sound, take a long pause and bring it to the bite.
Even during the pose, the feather hook on the rear flickers and attracts bass even with a slight current.

CHUBBY POPPER 42 / Chubby Popper 42

pinpoint dog walk

With a dog walk action that reduces the distance traveled, you can continue to attract your dog without leaving the sweet spot.

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