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Chinook S

Chinook S

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image Chinook S has been supported by many trout anglers since its release. This is also a result backed by a track record, and it is a lure that is indispensable especially for cherry salmon. At 10g, 14g, and 17g, it is aimed at anglers who aim for big trout, especially cherry salmon. A lineup of S-61 single hook specifications.

The shape is a slender shape and a thick shape. "Fly well, sink well, and swim well." It's a basic swim that has all three beats. Another feature is that it can be used regardless of the situation, such as fast-flowing points, high-speed retrieve, and deep-field capture. The lineup includes basic colors (gold, silver, silver, blue, gold, red) that are essential for trout, as well as tiger and trout patterns. There is also a hammered model, and although it is the same color, it creates a different appeal.
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