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Cherry Blood MD90S

Cherry Blood MD90S

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Cherry Blood

Cherry Blood

Top photo: Cherry Blood MD90, Bottom photo: Cherry Blood DEEP

Cherry Blood MD
Cherry Blood DEEP for Sakuramasu

The standard product "DD Panish" that has gained absolute support in cherry salmon games. "Cherry Blood" is a mainstream cherry salmon game-only minnow designed to fully support the cherry salmon game, which is becoming more and more severe year by year, by fully applying the know-how of diving minnow cultivated in DD Panish.

An actual battle-specific center of gravity movement system that pursues the elements required in the mainstream

 Surprisingly, pinpoint casts are required for mainstream games. Anglers always assume a course that traces the lure, considering factors that are not necessary for still water fishing, such as the strength and weakness of the flow that can not be judged at first glance, twisting, and taking a course that makes a U-shaped turn. However, you should unknowingly set the target point at the time of casting severely. Of course, even if the landing point is slightly off the target, the lure's trace course is often greatly off due to the flow.

 "Cherry Blood" is designed with an emphasis not only on "long-distance casting performance" but also on "accuracy". The center of gravity movement design and body form to pursue the flight attitude during casting and maintain the most stable state without losing balance during flight. Considering the collapse of flight balance due to magnetism of weights and incomplete movement during flight, the center of gravity movement system dares to adopt a simple method.
 As a result, a minnow that can be cast in a straight line without stress to the target point has been completed, achieving outstanding flight distance in combination with the rear aeroform design.

A sense of stability that does not upset the balance with the flow

In the cherry salmon game, which mainly captures in the flowing water area, you cannot attack the points you think if you lose your balance and jump out in the flow.
 "Cherry Blood" is strong against the flow, and its selling point is the absolute stability that the movement is transmitted to the hand by the outstanding water grip.

Light pulling comfort with excellent operability

Contrary to the sense of stability, the pulling comfort is very light, and it is easy to produce irregular action by rod work. The trick to bring out irregular action is to move the full weight locked in the front at the time of retrieval to the rear by inserting jerk, and it is possible to cause irregular action that invites reaction bite by losing balance for a moment. is. In addition, when line tension is applied, the full weight moves forward and immediately shifts to a stable rolling action.

Base action is rolling

The rolling action is a little tight rolling, and although the quality of movement may seem different depending on the color, it is a highly responsive rolling action.

Dive depth in the flow velocity range: MD 1 to 1.5 m, DEEP 1.8 to 2.3 m

Depth within the casting range. If you increase the retrieve distance by performing natural drift etc. on the flow after casting, you will dive a little deeper. Also, please understand that the depth is a guide and may differ slightly depending on various conditions such as flow velocity, rod tip position, line thickness and type.


A sinking model that can directly approach landings such as sinking stones and tetras in the flow. The body with increased weight further increases the flight distance and demonstrates its ability even in stormy weather.

TYPE Thinking
WEIGHT 11.5g
HOOK Owner company Cultiva ST-36BC # 6 adopted
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