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Cherry Blood 70 LLS

Cherry Blood 70 LLS

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Cherry Blood 70 LLS

Cherry Blood LLS

Top photo: Cherry Blood LL70S, Bottom photo: Cherry Blood LL90S

A lipless model that breaks new ground in trout
Cherry Blood LL70S
Cherry Blood LL90S

Lipless sinking model with a fixed center of gravity. With outstanding flight distance and horizontal fall with rolls, you can boldly capture trout that you couldn't reach before.

Cherry Blood LL70S targets land rock cherry salmon and satsukimasu, and LL90S targets mainstream cherry salmon, long-distance casting in lakes, and sea candy and sea cherry.

Castability unique to lipless

While Cherry Blood MD and DEEP use a center of gravity movement mechanism, Cherry Blood LLS is a lipless sinking model that uses a fixed center of gravity.

The air resistance is extremely low, and its long-distance casting performance realizes stress-free fishing even in lakes that require long distances. Since it has a good flight attitude and flies straight, it also has excellent accuracy performance.


The action is a horizontal posture at the time of fall and a smooth falling vibe creates glitter and diffuse reflection. In the swim, you can swim in a slimy wide wobble (rolling system), and add dirt and slides to the action by rod work. It reacts well not only to lift and fall, but also to twitch, etc., enabling a variety of productions.

how to use

Since the subsidence speed is also medium slow, in the case of land rock, you can approach the break carefully and add action, and there is an advantage that it is hard to take root because the landing is softer than the one with quick subsidence. In addition, it can be used freely for drifting down crosses in rivers and sending in at breaks, and unlike those with lips, it does not grab water and dive even in a dragging state, so when controlling the range By sending a line, you can capture breaks and around the structure. Depending on how the user assembles, it is possible to approach places that could not be attacked until now.

LLS lineup
  •  LL70S

  •  LL90S


LL (lipless) 70S was developed mainly for cherry salmon and satsukimasu salmon, which have strong fish-eating habits. It is a reaction-compatible lipless sinking minnow that focuses on land-rock trout whose main bait is smelt that berths from early spring for spawning, and can easily produce a smelt that staggers and escapes with the size of a 7 cm match the bait.

The internal structure is different from the conventional Cherry Blood, and it is a fixed weight setting instead of moving the center of gravity. When moving to the next reaction operation due to the restoring force after the reaction in the still water, troubles such as jumping out or rampaging the water surface, picking up the line by the hook, etc. are solved, and at the same time, continuous reaction is easier to apply and the image is stress-free. You can produce the movement that you have done.


TYPE Thinking
HOOK Owner company Cartiva ST-36BC # 10 adopted

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