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Ceramic Gear Grease (MY)

Ceramic Gear Grease (MY)

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DEUTHLON Ceramic Gear Grease

Revolutionary fishing reel gear grease – ultra high-performance lubricant exceeding the standards of all conventional grease available today in the world of competitive sports fishing!

Advantages of DEUTHLON Ceramic Gear Grease

  • Restores old reel gears (mildly fretted gears) to work and feel like new gears. Ensures modern day reel gears are working at its peak performance, efficiency, and life expectancy.
  • Best in class water resistance – Virtually impossible to wash-away by water splashing, thanks to the AQUA-Shield TM technology 
  • Attached with video – Water splashing +Wash washing
  • Eliminates noise & vibration from worn gears, providing a smooth cranking feel.
  • EP (Extreme Pressure) – Performance that exceeds the uncompromising requirements of sports fishing equipment. Maximum operating temperature @ 500 C° while continuously lubricate & protect gears under extreme loads.
  • Attached with video – High flame burning
  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction - achieves silky smooth and light cranking feel while achieving EP lubrication properties
  • Ultra-high viscosity – no-splatter design, adhere to gear surfaces where it matters most & doesn’t over flow into bearings which may cause unwanted damages


  • Polarized for excellent adhesion onto metal gear surfaces
  • Remarkably stable – ultra high temperature range (-10 Deg C ~ 500 Deg C) 
  • Long lasting / highly durable / for maximum performance and protection against wear
  • Protection against tribocorrosion even under extreme salty conditions
  • Doesn’t force-out under high loads or wash away by high pressure (salt) water splashing
  • Ultra high load carrying capacity
  • Anti emulsification & anti seizure
  • Superior water resistance - AQUA-Shield TM technology 
  • Ultra low coefficient of friction, even at high pressure
  • Ultra-high viscosity – no-splatter, clean gear box
  • Eco friendly - Metal free, safe for man and environment

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