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Carver FECO

Carver FECO

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Product features

○ Best-in-class pickpocketing performance in the history of swimming jigs
○ By using an offset hook, it is possible to attack the cover that could not be targeted with an open hook type swimming jig stress-free
○ The pickpocketing performance against weeds is extremely high ○ Snagless performance that is easy to handle even
for beginners makes it easy to keep the range by touching the weed, and induces bites that could not be captured until now
○ Built-in hook with limited range of motion By using a joint head, the poor hooking rate, which was a weakness of offset type jigs, has been improved.


The triangular head shape designed with a low center of gravity balance exhibits a stable swimming posture and high range keeping ability, and the structural contact prevents sideways fall and induces bites with quick restoring force.

worm keeper

The custom-made screw-type worm keeper uses a shape-memory wire material with high resilience and is designed to bend inward when hooking to create hooking clearance. Hard structure specification with perfect holding power that won't shift even when full cast or skipping


The medium-thick and firm original silicone rubber continues to grip water without losing the water pressure during swimming, and appeals with its lustrous action. In addition, an inside cut is applied to take advantage of the rubber shake created by the trailer action, creating an exquisite flare and volume.

hook joint part

By suppressing the hook movement to the left and right and limiting the vertical range of movement to 0 degrees to 120 degrees, the hook always faces upward and the line eye and hook point are diagonal, demonstrating outstanding hooking performance.


Wide gape hook specification with RYUGI TC coat for smooth hooking.

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