Bubbles 160

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▪︎160mm/46g floating specification ▪︎Unsinkable hybrid structure 
▪︎1.8mm penetrating wire specification for large objects ▪︎Hookless at shipping

The youngest with a strong appeal! Diving dirt pencil bait "Bubbles 160"

When using a small bait, the unique head shape creates a lot of bubbles during diving,

It is the youngest of Bubbles who can appeal firmly even if the lure is small!
With its unique head shape, the swim trajectory is covered with bubbles to appeal to fish.
In the relief action, Bubbles 160 turns around on the spot with a slight flow of waves and makes a static appeal.

(recommended hook)

D-CLAW key hook #3/0 (single hook specification) @2.0-2.5g

*If you make fine adjustments with split rings, etc. according to the sea conditions due to the ebb and flow of the tide, it will lead to better fishing results.