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BRIST Comodo 7.5H FBR-75H (USED, like new) with rod bag/sleeve

BRIST Comodo 7.5H FBR-75H (USED, like new) with rod bag/sleeve

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Condensing the performance sought by big baiters

The basic design is 7.5H, which was developed with the aim of being able to comfortably throw commonly used 30g to 120g big baits.
Slightly short grip length considering wading. Overall, it is milder than 6.10XH, but the body is made to have tension for when it gets loose from a bite, and the tip has a lot of sticky material so that it bites into a bite when drifting, and has high elasticity on the outside. You can also feel the sharpness by implementing 75 degree carbon. This has led to improved operability for performing actions at will.
This tip was especially pursued. If you make it too soft so that it can handle light lures, it will shake due to the weight when handling heavy lures, resulting in erratic casting. Through repeated trial and error, we have created a bait rod that is soft yet has tension, and fulfills the desires of big baiters.
Comes with special soft case

Be careful not to loosen the joints.

Due to the characteristics of pack rods, the joints may loosen when you make repeated casts.
If each joint is not firmly connected, it may cause damage to the joint or the rod may break.
By applying ferrule wax, you can protect the joint by preventing it from falling off during casting and by preventing it from sticking after moisture enters.
After casting several times, we recommend checking that the joints are not loose and using ferrule wax.


  • Total length: 229cm (7.5ft)
  • Number of parts: 3 pieces
  • Closing size: 85.5cm
  • Grip length: 41.5cm
  • Weight: 235g
  • Material: 4-axis carbon
  • Guide: K guide titanium + stainless steel
  • Lure weight: 10-120g
  • Line: PE2-6

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