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BPM B2 2pc Spinning

BPM B2 2pc Spinning

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Name Length Number of joints Weight Power Lure Line
B2-S64UL 6'4 "(1.93m) 2 (closed size 99 cm) 98g ULTRA LIGHT 0.9-5g 2-5lb
B2-S65L 6'5 "(1.96m) 2 (closed size 101 cm) 101g LIGHT 1.8-7g 3-6lb
B2-S68ML 6'8 "(2.03m) 2 (closed size 104 cm) 104g MEDIUM LIGHT 1.8-10g 3-6lb / PE MAX # 1
B2-S67UL + 6'7 "(2.01m) 2 (closed size 103 cm) 102g ULTRA LIGHT PLUS 0.9-7g 2.5-6lb
B2-S67MH + HD 6'7 "(2.01m) 2 (closed size 103 cm) 116g MEDIUM HEAVY PLUS HEAVY DUTY 3.5-18g 8-14lb PE MAX # 2



Finesse special to capture high pressure

A model that enhances the usability of the light rig that attacks the high pressure field. The 6ft 4in length design that achieves both castability and operability covers all small soft baits and supports light rigs of 0.9 to 5g. The supreme spinning model indispensable for finesse style.


Versatile spinning that covers a wide area

A delicate light rig, a small plug that explores a wide range, and one that supports both high dimensions. It is a regular fast action that bends smoothly and without habit, and boasts high versatility regardless of location, lure, or style. It is a versatile spinning model that expands the range of angler fishing.


Power versatile spin that can be easily operated even with a small plug

A model that combines a powerful bat berry with a delicate tip. It matches a wide range of applications such as power finesse in combination with the PE line, as well as a wide range search of small hard baits that utilize the length of 6ft8in. Power versatile spinning that is useful for both okappari and boats.

B2-S67UL +

Aggressive finesse rod with refined shake operability

An aggressive spinning rod that delicately manipulates surface plugs, insect lures, jig head midsts, hobusts, etc. A finesse plugging rod with a delicate tip that can be operated without moving the lure more than necessary while giving castability with a length of 6ft7in. The balance of the center of gravity makes it easy to shake finely, reducing the burden on the angler.

B2-S67MH + HD

Power finesse spin that boldly attacks heavy covers

One with a tough blank that pulls the bass out of the impregnable heavy cover. A model dedicated to power finesse that allows you to finely operate the smoraba and light rig through the cover and let the cunning big fish use your mouth. It leaves a moderate amount of tension on the blank and eliminates the weaknesses of heavy rods that tend to be heavy and heavy.

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